Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 26, 2009 - Day 16

Da Vinci watercolor on 140 lb Bockingford cold press paper

Off-white border added

Picture frame added

Today I once again had to re-do my painting. This time it was because my frisket was old and rather than peeling nicely off the sails it was sticky and gummy and just smeared. Note to self: do not use frisket that is over 2 years old - it doesn't work!

When I redid the painting I cut masking tape to fit the sails and boats and painted over that. It worked rather well but it was fiddly trying to cut the masking tape to fit. I couldn't use pencil crayons on the sails because I wanted to tint them in places to indicate shape.

My photo editing program has a lot of different picture frames that I can add so I decided to post the painting today without a frame and then with a plain off-white edging as well as a picture frame with matting.

It is true what they say - the frame makes the picture. Unfortunately I don't have the option to change the frame or matting color. Maybe I can download more from the company's website. I haven't decided yet whether I should change all the pictures in my blog to include a frame or if I should just leave them as is so that it is just the painting that you see.

I think I will keep the pictures unframed - that way the size that you see on the screen is approximately the same size as the original painting.

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