Saturday, April 3, 2010

April 3, 2010 - Day 236

Ink on 250gsm Stonehenge 100% Cotton Vellum Watercolor Paper

Self-portrait tonight. My son says it looks like me only my hair has more curl to it :D

I really like these ink portraits. I like the mix of black fine marker and brushed on shades of black ink. I am finally able to get a likeness of a person. At the beginning of January I did some portraits in color but none of them turned out. I had more success with the portraits that I did using just Burnt Umber but still I found it difficult to maintain a likeness.

I think the difference this time is that I am drawing the features in with pen before I add any shading. Even if the shading is a bit off the features are still the right size and shape. Since I work so small any tiny deviation from the form will make a BIG difference in how the portraits turns out.

I really like the high contrast in these paintings. When I use color I usually end up losing that contrast by overworking the painting. In a couple of days I will probably try adding color washes over top of the ink drawing just to see what it would look like. It might give it a retro look like the pin-up and propaganda posters of the 1940's. That would be really cool if it did!

Friday, April 2, 2010

April 2, 2010 - Day 235

Ink on 250gsm Stonehenge 100% Cotton Vellum Watercolor Paper

It really became very apparent to me tonight that the basis of all my blocks is the fear of making a mistake. Once again I spent a lot of time agonizing over what to paint. I considered doing a self portrait but discarded that idea for the simple reason that I am smiling in all my pictures and I didn't think that I would be able to paint my teeth accurately.

I finally chose to paint Patrick Swayze from his younger days. When I started the painting I had already resigned myself to the fact that I might totally fail at it and that even if I did I was going to post it anyways. I think it turned out OK - I would have liked the lightest shade of ink to be even lighter but all in all it's not bad.

I think I am just going to have to suck it up and create all my sketches or paintings on artist quality stock and if anything ends up in the garbage then that is just the cost of doing business. I have to stop worrying about wasting paint or wasting paper/canvas and just create even if the piece only ends up being a practice or learning piece.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1, 2010 - Day 234

Ink on 250gsm Stonehenge 100% Cotton Vellum Watercolor Paper

One of my goals this year has been to learn how to paint accurate star portraits. I haven't had much luck creating likenesses in paint. Today I was bored with the ink and wash paintings that I had been doing so I decided to try creating a portrait of Hayden Panettiere who plays Claire on the TV Show Heroes.

I really didn't think that I would succeed in creating the likeness so I pulled out some green scrap paper and used a fine line marker to create the outlines of the features and hair. I then used ink mixed with different amounts of water to shade the face and hair. I really like the way it turned out - too bad that it is on scrap paper. This isn't the first time that I have created something good when I am practicing. I think it may be because there is no pressure to succeed. One of these days I am going to have to learn to use my "good" paper to practice just in case everything turns out the way I envision it.

I then tried to duplicate the painting using my "good" watercolor paper. While I like the results I think the practice portrait looks more like Hayden then the final portrait. I would like to try putting watercolor washes over the ink painting but tonight I was afraid of ruining what I was able achieve.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 31, 2010 - Day 233

Ink and watercolor on 140lb Strathmore Windpower press watercolor paper

Another un-inspiring day. I am totally bored with the Chinese brush painting and with the ink and wash paintings as well. I like the look of these paintings but they don't inspire me to create more. I just don't know what I can do with this medium to make it exciting for me.

I am determined to keep with the ink and wash for the full 100 days. These ink onto wet paper paintings are the only ones that I actually enjoy creating so I may just have to do more of these even if it is repetitive and uninteresting for those who are following my blog.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 30, 2010 - Day 232

Watercolor on 250gsm Antique Folio watercolor paper

I didn't feel like doing the next lesson in the Chinese Brush Painting book tonight so I decided to do my own thing which was Dandelions.

I have to admit that tonight I was very bored with the Chinese brush painting. I have done 10 paintings in this style and would like to move on to something else but I am at a loss as to what else I can do with ink and wash. I still have 68 days to go with this medium and I don't know what I can do that is different from what I have done already.

Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29, 2010 - Day 231

Ink and watercolor on 250gsm Antique Folio watercolor paper

Nothing much to say about today's painting.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28, 2010 - Day 230

Ink and watercolor on 250gsm Antique Folio watercolor paper

Moving on with the lessons in Chinese Brush Painting Techniques by Stephen Cassettari. Today's lesson was birds and baby chickens. Since it is Spring I thought it would the chickens would be the perfect subject for today.

I am finding that the more I work with the Chinese brush painting techniques, the more I am loosening up and starting to enjoy the flow of it.