Saturday, November 7, 2009

November 7, 2009 - Day 89

Da Vinci watercolor on 140lb Langton cold press paper

I tried 2 new techniques today. The first technique was to mask the Big Horn Sheep by covering the animal with tape and then using a sharp utility knife to cut away the excess tape. I recently saw this technique used by Gordon Mackenzie in a free video segment called Improve Your Water Painting Techniques. This video is located on The Artist Network website under "Art Workshop Preview Videos". Using tape gave a nice sharp outline that I have never been able to achieve with masking fluid. I will definitely be using this technique again.

My second technique was for the background. I was watching "Star Portraits" on Bravo channel today. This show has three artists who each paint a portrait of the same famous person. I find it interesting to see how each artist has a different take on the same subject. Today's painting was of Alex Trebek and in one of the paintings the background was streaks of color and I loved it. So I thought I would try a similar background with my sheep today.

Once I masked the sheep with tape I wet the background and applied a dark blue color and let it blend. Once that was dry I removed the tape and painted the sheep. I really like this effect and will be experimenting more with this in future paintings.

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