Saturday, October 10, 2009

October 10, 2009 - Day 61

Da Vinci watercolor on Saunders Waterford cold press paper

Having problems with creating form on black horses. The body of this horse isn't bad but I had to resort to using China White Da Vinci watercolor mixed with blue/grey to get the highlights on the black parts of the body. The head was very hard to do and there is no indication of where the head joins the neck.

Part of the problem might just be the size of the paintings. When I am creating a painting of just the horse's head there is more room to put the brush strokes. With something this small the slightest shake of my hand will make a mess.

But I like these small paintings. Maybe next year I will challenge myself to a year of large paintings. That would really be a challenge after a year of miniatures!

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