Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 25, 2010 - Day 258

Ink on 250gsm Stonehenge 100% Cotton Vellum Finish Paper

Once again I almost but not quite achieved a likeness in my star portrait - today was George Clooney. I think that it is almost time to admit defeat in this area and move on to something new. I started the star portrait series on April 1 and after 25 paintings I still have not achieved the ability to create an accurate likeness. I think that this is something that I would like to practice more in the future but I would create pencil portraits so that I could erase the shading where needed. The ink does not allow any lifting of color at all.

I do think that my skill at painting faces has improved and that I could create paintings with people as long as the people did not need to look like anyone in particular. Perhaps book covers or illustrations. Maybe paintings that focus on the "human condition". My studio is called Follow My Heart so I will just have to see where it leads.

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