Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 12, 2010 - Day 155

Acrylic on 250lb Bockingford watercolor paper

I like this and I don't like it. I like it because it is funky and colorful but I don't like it because it isn't realism. I have always been drawn to create realistic paintings but I have to admit that sometimes realism doesn't have to visual impact for me that something like this would have.

I have been following an artist by the name of Carol Nelson. She is doing 100 portraits in 100 days. I really like the looks of her paintings. They are so vibrant and funky. I think that her technique adds life to what might be a boring painting if it were done realistically. Here is a link to her blog and one of my favorite paintings:

Carol Nelson Fine Art Blog

I would like to continue creating vibrant and colorful paintings but I just don't know how I want to do that.

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