Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11, 2010 - Day 274

Ink & Watercolor on 250gsm Stonehenge 100% Cotton Vellum Paper

Third in a series of paintings depicting iron objects. I really like the way that the metal is turning out. I cover the entire paper with the background color using a flat wash with darker paint spattered in while it is still wet. Once that is dry I start applying the colors of the object over top of the background color. I think that it gives it a more weathered look.

I went out today and started looking around my building for other iron objects. There weren't that many. I aroused the suspicions of a neighbour when I started taking pictures of a padlock on the building. He thought I was up to no good! I never thought that taking pictures for my art could be taken the wrong way. I don't mind really. I would rather have my neighbours keeping an eye on things than not caring if strange people are around. Even when the strange person is me :)

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