Monday, December 21, 2009

December 21, 2009 - Day 133

Acrylic on 300lb Saunders Waterford cold press watercolor paper

I realized as I was painting today that I had started looking at this project only as a way to make money. I have been thinking that maybe once this is over that I could sell all the paintings as a complete set or maybe even have this blog published as a coffee table book.

I have started to get really discouraged and down on myself if my painting doesn't turn out or if my commentary for the day is not full of insight into the mind of an artist. I had forgotten the reason why I originally started this blog and that was to overcome my fears and to increase my creativity.

Even if I never make one penny from this blog I will have accomplished my goals. I can never again say to myself "I'm not prolific enough to make a living at my art" or "I can't create beautiful paintings" or "I don't know how to paint".

So maybe some days my painting doesn't turn out or maybe I can't think of anything inspiring or insightful to write. So what! I am creating a painting every day regardless of whether I worked an 8 hour shift or had the day off. I have painted every day even when I didn't feel like it or had absolutely no creativity or inspiration. Good enough!

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